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You keep hold of your data

Our platform will securely store email addresses and other relevant data of yoir customers, enabling personalised email campaigns to engage potential festival-goers effectively. Additionally, our data-driven retargeting strategies ensure continuous connections with audiences, keeping them informed about upcoming festivals. Rest assured, we prioritise customer privacy and only use email addresses for ticket-related communications while offering assistance for your email marketing needs

Your website created by an expert

We'll handle the heavy lifting, creating a captivating website that perfectly aligns with your festival's unique brand. From tickets and sponsorships to a merchandise section, our expert team will set everything up swiftly, and with our user-friendly video guides, you'll have the power to easily make edits and updates.

Supporting you on your journey

Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way, providing prompt assistance for any technical queries you may have. Experience personalised care through one-on-one video calls, where we offer expert advice on maximising ticket sales and securing sponsorships. Moreover, we go the extra mile by offering tailored recommendations on effective email marketing strategies.

Sell Sponsorship

Unlike other platforms, we've streamlined the process, making it a breeze to sell sponsorships and secure the support your event deserves. Our versatile system allows you to create customised sponsorship packages tailored to every budget, ranging from £10 to £100,000. Personalize your offerings with a variety of options, from banner spaces and affiliate logos to even the exclusive opportunity of renaming the festival itself!

How we helped Fusion Festival be a successful

We facilitated a seamless ticket-selling experience, making it easier for attendees to secure their tickets. Our user-friendly email marketing tools effectively spread the excitement and kept festival-goers engaged. By streamlining sponsorship package creation, we connected Fusion Festival with local businesses, generating vital support. Additionally, we efficiently stored festival-goers' emails, empowering Fusion to strategies successful remarketing for future events. Together, we fuelled Fusion Festival's triumph and left a lasting impact on attendees and organizers alike.
Get my festival website designed for FREE

How do I create my first festival event?

Simply fill out our contact form. A member of our team will promptly reach out to arrange a demo tailored to your specifications.

How quickly do I get page?

Expect a glimpse of your page within 7-14 days. The exact duration hinges on the range of features you desire.

Can I customise my website?

Absolutely. Once our adept team crafts your site, you'll possess the liberty to modify all its content.

Can I offer a free event with no tickets or sponsorship?

Certainly! If you're orchestrating a commendable community-centric event devoid of sponsorships or ticket sales, we might design your site freee. However, note that we don't facilitate links to external ticket vendors or donation portals.

Is it really free?

Our platform won't cost you a penny. However, be mindful of a commission fee, approximately 5%, on transactions. This fee addresses our operational expenses and card processing via our payment gateway.

Our Reviews


Emma Harrison

2 reviews

1 years ago

Spencer at UNIVO was the guiding light for our festival's digital presence. From inception to finale, he patiently tailored our website, ensuring it resonated with the festival's spirit. Beyond design, he championed our festival newsletter, providing invaluable insights on engaging our vibrant community. His instructional videos were a boon for our team! Immense gratitude to Spencer for his dedication and expertise. Anticipating more collaborations as our festival evolves.

William Smith

2 reviews

1 years ago

Univo was instrumental in capturing the essence of our festival. He attentively listened, swiftly responded, and patiently met our festival-centric requirements. We're thrilled with the vibrant website he crafted. Highly recommended for any festivity!

Charlotte Turner

3 reviews

1 years ago

Spencer has been our go-to for festival website creations. His responsiveness, transparency in costs, and timely delivery have been commendable. What stands out is his knack for intuitively understanding our festival vision, asking the right questions, and making the process seamless. He's been a valuable asset in capturing the festival spirit online. Great value for the expertise!

James Richardson

4 reviews

1 years ago

Spencer and the Univo team have been invaluable in designing festival websites that resonate with our events. They tailor solutions perfectly, always ensuring a seamless experience for attendees. Regardless of challenges, their "can-do" attitude stands out. In an age where a website can determine an event's success, Univo ensures our festivals shine online. Their dedication is unmatched, making them the top choice for any festival organizer. Highly recommended.

Oliver Thompson

2 reviews

1 years ago

Working with Univo our festival website was a breeze. They were patient, guiding us to envision the perfect digital platform for our event. Their expertise in festival site creation made the entire process enjoyable. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to any festival organizer.

Emily Bennett

3 reviews

1 years ago

Always outstanding! Univo has crafted several of our festival websites, each one unique and user-friendly. For any festival digital needs, I'd highly recommend them.

Sophia Taylor

2 reviews

1 years ago

Collaborated with Univo on our festival website, which had intricate challenges with APIs that he resolved swiftly. Thrilled with the results, and as we aim to enhance its features, we'll be partnering with Univo for further refinements.

Henry Collins

1 Review

1 years ago

Univo has assisted me numerous times with festival site development. He's incredibly responsive and consistently goes the extra mile to ensure our festival platform shines. If you're planning a festival and need a website that stands out, I highly recommend consulting with him.

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