SAAS Marketing

The most common challenge SAAS vendors facing is how to target the right audience. It might sounds simple but vendors without professional knowledge usually find it difficult to generate growth-related traffic as the target audience pool is often too big. Sometimes, they end up paying for traffic they don’t need or unqualified sales leads. It might take quite a while and cost your extra to test and downsize the audience pool. Univo is here to plan your marketing strategic in the most efficient way and increase conversion by delivering the right content to the highly targeted audience.

    • Greeting email to new subscribers
    • Feature update email template
    • Payment receipt email template
    • Newsletter email template
    • GDPR friendly subscribe form
    • Email list management
    • Keyword research
    • Boost search ranking
    • Lead analysis
    • Optimize website UX for personalized experience
    • Remarketing
    • Ad targeting
    • Campaign page creation
    • Community relationship
    • Press relation
    • Free trial
    • Referral
    • Seasonal offer
    • B2B-oriented social media campaign
    • B2B-oriented content creation
    • LinkedIn company page setup
    • LinkedIn ads
    • App icon design
    • Product description copy
    • Ads to drive app download

Univo, the outsourced marketing partner of your choice.

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