O2O Solution

To address the evolving demand of Online-to-Offline (O2O) commerce, we offer a dedicated digital marketing solution to accommodate the special needs of this complex customer journey. Examples of O2O commerce include allowing customer to pick up their online purchase in a physical store and driving online traffic to offline store with redemption coupon. O2O marketing is not just about driving traffic from online to offline, it also help the vendor to keep track on their customer online as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with them. Omnichannel marketing is best suit for retail stores, catery and any brand that want to focus on customer retention. The digital influence on offline purchase has demonstrate a remarkable growth in recent years, more and more retailers adopt O2O marketing to respond to the changing dynamic of their consumer purchase journey.

    • Online store & payment gateway
    • Interactive content
    • QR code
    • Digital Catalog
    • Digital coupon
    • Campaign landing page
    • Customer data architecture
    • Customer behavior analysis
    • Integrated registration form
    • Member discount
    • Speed purchase
    • Retargeting
    • Engagement-driven content
    • Engagement ads
    • Brand awareness building

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